With over a decade of experience as a New York fashion designer and a contributor for a London-based fashion forecasting service, I offer artisans a unique perspective on commercial markets and emerging trends. International brands rely on me to source handmade goods and work with global artisans with confidence in my commercial background and my experience giving on-the-ground design direction.

P1280673As a Design Consultant, I offer artisan groups and corporate clients:

  • Inspired concepts and styling direction
  • Color recommendations
  • Product design
  • Sourcing of ethical materials
  • Global trend information
  • Product development
  • On-the-ground design direction
  • Quality control
  • Sampling & production timeline management
  • Shop merchandising
  • Market readiness & trade show advice
  • Adobe Illustrator sketches & pro tech packs
  • Knowledge of Asian traditional arts
  • Understanding of weaving techniques, natural dye processes
  • Sourcing of artisan materials and finished goods
  • Contemporary finished products by design, made in an ethical setting

Artisan Groups: In an effort to support the continuation of traditional ethnic arts, fair trade products, and sustainable livelihoods, I help artisans groups do their best work. On handicraft development trips to rural villages in Laos and Thailand, I have guided makers on improving handmade products by suggesting new ideas, color palettes, and quality standards. Together, we create contemporary products utilizing artisan skills.

Corporate Clients: I work with established brands to source artisan-made materials and products in Asia and around the world. After years of living in Southeast Asia, I have a strong network of woven and knit textile producers, natural dyers, embroiderers, block printers, ceramicists, and other craftsmen. I translate design concept from international brands to artisans by giving on-the-ground design direction and quality control, resulting in beautiful products that were made in an ethical setting.

Collaborations: As the founder of  The Kindcraft online magazine and shop for handmade goods + slow fashion, I launched a series of artisan collaborations. I design in partnership with independent makers to create one-of-a-kind objects made of natural materials. These projects help provide artists with a sustainablelivelihood and promote the continuation of their craft. All of our products create in our Maker Collaborations are slow made with care.

The Kindcraft | Maker Collaboration with Studio Naenna Textiles from The Kindcraft on Vimeo.

Artisan groups, independent makers, and corporate clients are welcome to contact me for design consulting services.